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Sweet Treats
Please check all that apply. Quantities will be specified when the order is finalized. Please see our menu for pricing.
Specify the details for your first tier, such as flavor, details, colors, etc. Pound cakes should be ordered in this field.
If you are ordering a two-tiered cake, please specify the details for your second tier.
If you are ordering a three-tiered cake, please specify the details for your third tier.
Please tell us if your cake should be a specific shape other than round.
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Cake Topper
Will you provide a topper for your cake?
Sugar Image
A sugar image is printed edible icing! Email your image to orders@martiascakes.com. and please provide your name and the order date.
While we do not provide exact replicas of cakes, we encourage to send us a photo of your cake inspiration. We will work with you to create a design just for you!
Please give us any extra information that you think might be valuable for us to know when we're creating your cake.